Where Learning Never Stops

Centris Family Care Essentials

A comprehensive and powerful training workshop that will edify the parent-teachers to be more ...

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Centris Equip

An active and dynamic platform for equipping the next generation with the very crucial ...

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Centris Learning Milestone

An experiential activity that provides learner-centered academic and character development ...

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Centris Huddle

A weekly activity geared towards discovering and strengthening the Centris Learner’s Core ...

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Centris Social

Social development is crucial in our Centris Learners' progress. These educational, adventurous ...

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Centris League of Achievers

Centris acknowledges Learners' accomplishments and would like to celebrate your child’s successes ...

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Centris Learning Community

Centris connects and shares with the community and creates lots of opportunities for families to ...

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Centris Tribes

Centris Learners in tribes compete with each other in various activities to prepare them for various ...

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Centris #LIT

Leaders in Training #LIT for Grades 7-12. Centris innovates and creates very informative Leadership ...

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Centris Library of Resources

Centris Free educational resources are provided to teacher-parents and learners where they can ...

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