Intellect is the child’s ability to reach correct conclusions about what is true and what is false in reality.

Academy Classes - Academy Learners participate in live online classes regularly, where engaging synchronous and asynchronous sessions are conducted designed to supplement and reinforce the academic concepts and skills that they acquire.

Teachers - ​Highly qualified Academy Teachers and thoroughly train​ed and experienced Learning Advisers work dynamically to monitor and improve the students’ intellect and provide regular feedback to their parents and guardians.

Centris DLP - Academy Learners use this Learning Management System (LMS), which is a world-​class, personalized, rich digital curriculum that provides individualized learning experience giving each of them a unique path for academic success.

Academic Progress Checkpoint & Coaching
- Academy Learners join this every semester to ensure their mental preparedness for the following semester or academic year. 

Study Hall
- Academy Learners attend this structured study period dedicated to improve their weekly productivity, impact their learning progress, and develop their regular study habits.

Quarterly Assessment
- Academy Learners are given this test designed t​o target and further improve their academic performance, and when the results show that they have unmastered concepts or learning gaps between what they learned and what they are expected to learn, they are supported through the Centris Skills, the learning gap intervention program.

Emotion ​​is the child’s spontaneous mental reaction that may include excitement, motivation, and inspiration.

Boot Camp + Bridging Program
Academy Learners participate in a short and intensive training paired with a short-term targeted preparation course, that supports student's success and assists them to meet the requirements in Centris Academy respectively.

Academy Awards
Academy Learners may receive these token of recognition of excellence in the program, as an affirmation that their hard work is valued, and as an approval and gratitude for their good job.

Imagination ​​is the child’s production of images, sensations, and ideas in the mind.

Centris Equip
Academy Learners attend these special classes, where they learn additional relevant life skills the fun way, creating their own outputs to enhance their application of concepts and skills preparing them for L.I.F.E. - leadership, integrity, faith, and excellence.

Multilevel Collaborative Activities
Academy Learners conceptualize, design and demonstrate their subject-specific skills, concepts, and outputs to other grade levels, enhancing their cooperation and leadership within and beyond their grade levels.

Body ​​​consists of the child’s physical, which is the whole tangible structure that forms him as a human person, and the spiritual body, which is the intangible body that is fully alive and sustained by the life giving qualities - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Centris Huddle
Academy Learners are trained to become open-minded and balanced thinkers, risk takers but caring and principled, knowledgeable communicators and reflective inquirers.

Values Integration
Academy Learners are constantly exposed to this approach, which is an effective method of values development and the key element in all activities where the teaching and learning processes occur throughout different learning areas.

Centris Socials
Academy Learners participate in well thought of extracurricular activities that include cultural activities outside the realm of their curriculum to provide them a channel for reinforcing and applying academic knowledge, helping them discover additional interests and hobbies outside of academics.

Learning Milestone
Academy Learners prepare this every quarter to develop and showcase their creative presentation skills and celebrate their talents and gifts.

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