Imagine a place where education is not just about books and
tests but about nurturing our children with inner curiosity,
shaping their characters, bringing families closer together,
and more importantly, sharing God's goodness to prepare
them for a world full of possibilities. 

This program offers a versatile learning
experience combining virtual and in-person
sessions. This approach ensures flexibility
for participants, enabling them to engage
with the program regardless of their
physical location. Virtual sessions involve
video conferences, online discussions,
or other digital tools, while in-person
meetings occur at a designated location.

Centris LABWORK places a strong emphasis on the K.R.A.S. framework

which stands for Know, Reflect, Apply, and Share.    


Learners are encouraged to acquire knowledge actively.
This involves not just absorbing information but also understanding it deeply. They are expected to be inquisitive, constantly seeking to expand their horizons. 


Reflection is a crucial aspect of learning. It involves thinking critically about the knowledge acquired, connecting it to personal experiences, and considering how it fits into the bigger picture.


Knowledge without application often remains theoretical. 
Centris LABWORK encourages learners to apply what they've learned to real-life scenarios. This practical aspect of learning helps them grasp the true significance of their acquired knowledge.


Learning doesn't happen in isolation. The sharing component of K.R.A.S. involves communicating what one has learned with others. It promotes collaboration and helps learners consolidate their understanding by explaining concepts to peers.

Centris LABWORK goes beyond traditional education by not only
challenging the intellect but also nurturing emotional intelligence.